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What can we do for you?

A unique blend of video production, motion design, animation, and the use of these to create connection with the viewer.

Video Production

Providing the planning, production and post-production services in Brisbane, across Australia, and abroad.

Motion Graphics

Ipermedia specialises in motion graphics. Whether as complimentary elements in a live motion project, or standalone motion graphic based videos.


We have both 2d and 3d animation capabilities in house and create animated logos, corporate branding and infographics.

Unleash your Business Potential with Video

A well-shot video can do wonders for your business. Even market leaders invest in video production to reach more clients and entice people with run-out deals or special offers, so why not you. Our Brisbane video production team can help you in the following ways.

Whether your website experiences a lot of traffic or very little, an entertaining and informative, well-placed corporate video can give your website credibility and a well-polished sheen of professionalism. A video can keep browsers on your website for longer by increasing the interactivity of your site and quickly conveying your unique selling point in a condensed and engaging manner. The longer a person stays on your website, the higher chance they will remember your brand when purchasing products or securing services, and video makes a long lasting impression.

Your website may already be the bee’s knees, but, a video makes it pop. A well-shot and edited film shows your business is serious about what it does and cares about the image it projects. By showing your products or services in action the viewer can see first-hand how you may be of benefit to them, as well as showing more about the brand than can be conveyed in a still image and text. If you are after a competitive edge, it can also put you ahead of competitors who have not thought to build their brand using well-shot and distributed videos.

You may already have a website up and running, but, aren’t getting the amount of traffic you’d like, or, simply wish to expand your customer base. With a well-crafted video you can increase your reach to take advantage of television advertising spots and every important distribution outlet the internet has to offer, such as YouTube, social media and others. With the digital age well and truly upon us, it is integral your business utilises all these new avenues of distribution to your advantage, and this can be easily achieved with a corporate video from Ipermedia.

A Video is a Sales Pitch with the Wow Factor!

A big bonus of videos designed for businesses is that no matter what shape they take, they are a succinct and appealing one hit, sales pitch. With the right approach, a video can achieve what written content and face-to-face sales can never dream of, they can connect with people on an emotional level using everything in the video arsenal such as sound, music, voice-overs, visuals, animations, graphics, editing techniques and so on. Video has the capacity to set the tone of your business, convey your ethos and message, show your passion and describe your product or service in simple to understand terms. The online marketing space is the future so why not make your business as visible as possible to heighten your chances of potential clients coming across a video of yours and following it back to your webpage. This is a great option for engaging with people who wouldn’t otherwise find your business and could even result in your video going viral if it hits all the right notes.

Creating Your Video Project from Start to Finish

A professional corporate video has the potential to increase your business exposure and grow your client base so why not invest in your organisation’s future today.

If creativity is not your forte, no need to worry, our team of award winning video production experts can produce video from pre-production through to post-production. We will sit down with you to discuss concept ideas and find out what you wish to communicate by finding your business’ unique point of difference.

We will stylise your video as you wish with a choice of animation, stop motion graphics, illustrations and much more right through to your sleek and polished Hollywood look, we can put the WOW factor into your production.

Our Brisbane video production service caters to everyone, from large corporations, through to government entities, not for profit organisations and charities, small businesses, up-and-coming bands and anyone in between. Whether you need a documentary, television commercial, music video, training tutorial film, website video, how-to guide or corporate video we have the experience and cutting edge equipment needed to film it all.

In the current era of online engagement, creating a story of your brand with video production is a crucial part of your advertising mix. Video content can be shared successfully through social media platforms, blog posts and press releases to share your story, promote your service or simply build your brand. Having a professionally produced video can make the difference between success and failure. At Ipermedia, video is all we do. We live and breathe it. We are excited by quality screenwriting, cinematography,  editing and motion design. We know video and have the expertise to guide you towards a great end product.

We aim to keep the video production process as simple as possible. The “Ipermedia experience” (as our client’s have coined it) means that we just “get” it, and we work hard to ensure that the experience of creating a video is as stress free and fun (can we say that?) for the client, as it is for us. We get our kicks out of that first “wow” reaction from clients when they see their video for the first time.

Corporate video production, is presenting your brand and your story to the world in an easy to digest format. Taking key points about your brand, your team and your history, we can craft an interesting and informative visual about your company background, company culture and the plans you have for the future.

Whether you want to focus on your company as a whole or just one product or service, Ipermedia can help your business or organisation market itself to the masses, within timeframes you specify, and on budget. We communicate with you every step of the way – bringing your story to life – with corporate video production services.

Since 2005 we’ve produced corporate videos for leading national and global brands such as Exxon Mobil, BHP Billiton, CSIRO, Suncorp Insurance, and many (MANY) more. Not only can we develop creative and compelling concepts, but our team has the technical expertise to turn concepts into reality.

Grab People’s Attention Quickly with Video.

People’s reading habits have changed over the last decade. With social media and online news being so readily accessible and constantly being updated with new posts, comments and so on, people have a tendency to want instant gratification. A video delivers this in spades by communicating your brand message, product and service offerings in an entertaining format which is easy to understand, quick and effective.

Capturing the essence of your product or service and presenting it an exciting and interesting video can be done effectively with time lapse video. If you are constructing a new building, creating a new display, or wanting to show your premises in a peak period, time lapse photography is a great way to showcase a lot of action that is happening over time, in just a few minutes.

Our video production team then edits the raw video into a smooth flowing production with music that will leave an impression to the viewer and keeps the enthusiasm going throughout the full video clip.

Ipermedia can help you present your product, service or idea in a way that connects with your target market. Perfect for today’s generation, animation and motion design allows us to distill complex information, down to an engaging format. We can bring character and personality to your business in ways that were not possible in the past.

Motion design and animation can be beautiful as a standalone production, or it can bring that little bit “more” to a live motion video. We use modern techniques of 2d, 2.5d and 3d animation. Our team of illustrators, designers and animators are able to enhance your ideas and bring them to life. We work with you to aim the video for your target demographic, and bring about a great ROI.

Our range of motion services include:

  • Motion Graphics
  • Animated infographics
  • Explainer videos
  • Character design
  • Custom designed motion titles
  • Stop Motion Animation
  • Corporate Animation

The final shine and finishing on your videos happen in post production. Our award-winning editors, are artisans in their craft. There is a story to every video – and our post team aim to bring it to light.

Video Can Last for Years.

The costs involved in having a corporate video produced by a professional company is marketing dollars well spent as it can very well stay on your website for years, ensuring a greater return on investment.

So what’s your story? Our team of producers, cinematographers, editors and motion designers can help you tell it with style. Find out more about the benefits of video for your business by dropping us a line or giving us a call. hello@ipermedia.com.au