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A dedicated partner, you can love.

With technologies changing all of the time, creating an in-house video production department, or even dedicated design team doesn’t make sense for many agencies. Instead, you need a dedicated partner that will step in when needed and work alongside your team to provide a high level of customer service and expertise. Ipermedia can assist you every step of the way – from strategy and project planning to production, execution and management. We have relationships with agencies from one person consulting shops to full-service national advertising firms. We work with them to ensure that their clients receive the best possible value.

Benefits of partnering with Ipermedia

  • Offer your clients more. We work in with you to basically extend your service offering. Your clients needs some video production? Sure…of course you can handle that. We’re there by your side 😉
  • Our online experience and technology can allow the process of digital content creation to be seamless between us, your agency, and your client.
  • We can help preparing proposals and pitching clients on video production or interactive projects

Designer / creative friendly

For agencies that do have their own design or production team, we have the ability to implement and develop any designer’s work, or integrate and continue with existing or ongoing projects. By the same token, if a client’s requests get too complex for your agency, we can step in, produce on your behalf and sit back while you take the credit :).

Partnership Role

We work with our partners in a variety of ways. Some firms simply refer us business and have us manage the relationship from start to finish; others have us involved on client calls from the beginning but prefer to jointly manage the account; still others prefer for us to work as if part of their internal team, working under their brand and banner. Whatever the case, we will work with you, not against you. When you grow, we grow. Give us a call today to chat about how we can work together to grow your agency.

The result exceeded expectations and Ipermedia's understanding of the target audience was obvious.

Bob Chamberlain, CSIRO

The quality of Ipermedia's work is 110% - I got more options than I expected. I learned from you - you are experts in your field.

Graham Innis, Pfizer

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