Video Production

Direction, Cinematography, Sound & Lighting.

Brisbane Video Production Services

video production brisbaneIpermedia provides corporate video production using the latest cameras and high-end production equipment, but more important than that, we have some of Australia’s most talented people operating that equipment. We believe the quality of your video can be a reflection of the quality of your business. So you need to get it right. Whatever your budget, we can work to it, ensuring a high end result no matter the approach.

Our team of video producers in Bridbane consists of producers, directors, cinematographers, grips, gaffers, sound recordists, hair and makeup artists, wardrobe stylists and more. Our team has a wide array of experience in film, TV, creative advertising, corporate video, training video, music video and documentary. Whatever the genre, whatever the format, you can have complete confidence that we will know the best ways to promote your aims, goals and objectives. With strong relationships formed with a large variety of creative professionals, you can trust us to secure the top talent relating to whatever category your video falls into.

Video Production Experts

The video production phase is where client’s really start to notice the “Ipermedia experience”. It is when the magic starts, the beginning of visually bringing your concept professionally to life. Our producers and production assistants ensure clients are well-informed on what is happening and the progress status of your video. Through every stage of production, we provide full transparency of what actions are being undertaken to fulfill your video’s vision. You will never be left in the dark wondering about what will be the next step. Our creative team’s light-hearted approach means that we get the job done, and you get to be stress free.

We use professionals behind the camera and never amateurs to guarantee you are in talented hands with a director who truly is dedicated to their craft. With this dedication comes a real, genuine passion for bringing your video to life, ensuring each shot counts and to put it simply, the best it can be. With 1000s of video worth of experience in all genres, they will make sure the production team works cohesively together to achieve an amazing result, regardless of the chosen video format you require.

The experts at planning out the finer details of a shot, cinematographers work closely with the director and camera crew to establish how each scene should be executed. We have assembled a group of cinematographers that possess both the artistic expertise and technical skill to capture your video’s message and present it meaningfully throughout the different scenes.

With a state of the art technology, we have sound experts ready to make sure the audio of the production is clear and consistent. It is no good having a great video if the sound is muddy and lacks clarity, especially important for open locations where a number of factors can interfere with audio quality. No matter if we need to film on an open or closed set, our sound teams have the equipment, tools and commitment to capturing high-quality audio.

The power of lighting is essential in film production, with the ability to completely change and alter mood, setting and atmosphere. It takes true masters in their craft to understand the significance of lighting on a set and how to manipulate it to the production’s benefit. Unlike some video production Brisbane companies, we know how much lighting is important to the overall finished quality of your video production. With this in mind, we only employ lighting specialists that are masters in their field to focus on one task only – making sure your lighting is perfect.

Your Video Production Partner

Being film production Brisbane experts, we are the pros turning pre-production assets into a stunning success. With creative teams specialising in the following below categories, we want your production to be as hassle-free and smooth as possible.

Choosing Ipermedia as your Brisbane video production studio nets you decades of combined industry experience.  We know the production process inside out, how to save time, and most importantly get true value from your budget. This knowledge also allows us to quickly and effectively deal with unforeseen problems or potential issues as they arise, our team specialising in providing timely solutions if it becomes necessary. This is why we pride ourselves as the premium corporate video Australia company when you require top value for budget and a guaranteed, effective outcome.

We want your Brisbane video production to be as efficient as possible. Just like our pre-production services, Ipermedia will handle all the coordinating and logistics of production to ensure a consistent, streamlined process. Let us take charge organising the schedules, equipment, permits, and insurance needs that come up.

Commercials and TV

Taking one product and producing a sales and marketing pitch for consumption on main stream media is just one way that video production can be used today.

This tried and true method has its own conditions and targets depending on your target market demographic, the time of day being shown and the style of video.

Corporate Video

Increasing brand awareness can be a simple process with a well-produced corporate video. Using modern techniques of 2d, 3d and 3.5d animation ipermedia produce high quality motion graphics, illustration and designs to create impressive video. Showcase your company’s unique skills and expertise through corporate video.

Documentaries and Music Videos

Bringing greater depth to your videos can be achieved with a full documentary style production, creating a longer length video with more substance and information. This style of video can be also used for in house training or induction purposes. Music videos can showcase your products with little or no text, creating a depth of feeling and emotion as a result of the music being used.

Video for Websites

Gaining extra traction on your website through the addition of an effective video campaign can help bring more visitors and extra awareness of your brand, or aid in gaining prospects and sales. Whether it be  a promotional video, product snapshots and tutorials, or a message from the CEO, adding video gives your site extra depth of interaction between the site visitors and your company.

Full Video Production Services

With a team of highly qualified experts in-house, we have the capacity to manage every step of the video production process with ease. It is what separates us from other Brisbane video production houses, as we take the time to work directly with you and address any of your concerns. Any questions you have can be addressed quickly along the way from pre-production through to the final editing.

We are here to make your company shine, to bring the best qualities into the forefront of people’s minds with meaningful videos that match your marketing goals.

Partnering with the team at Ipermedia for corporate video production will bring short term marketing results and long-term brand awareness.

Try us, you’ll be glad you did!