Video Production

Direction, Cinematography, Sound & Lighting.

Video Editing and Post Production Brisbane

Even the most beautifully captured film is nothing without the skills and technology provided by competent post production. Our video post production Brisbane experts are masters in taking the raw material and weaving it together into something special. It’s where your story comes to life –where the “real” magic happens, and the components of your video production join together in a meaningful way to create something unique.

Our editors are involved with videos we shoot from day 1, before any camera rolls.  At Ipermedia, we take a comprehensive approach to planning your editing. From the beginning and then every step of the way, our editors are preparing how to process your film during post production, getting everything ready ahead of time to ensure stunning, executed results.

By following this procedure, we know the specific details of your corporate video well advance of filming. This allows us to produce “on purpose” projects – meaning every creative decision is backed by a well thought out process. The end result? Videos and films that are beautiful achieve client objectives and stay within pre-determined budgets.

Brisbane’s Best Video Production Service

It’s these skill sets and training that separate us from other video editing Brisbane studios. Possessing real world experience, Ipermedia has a proven track record of accomplishing amazing, tangible results for clients. You can be guaranteed of an outcome that exceeds expectations because we don’t miss anything during our post production procedures. We spend time considering shot selection, style of cinematography, the music that will be used in the edit, the overall soundscape, the colour grade and more.

After 10 years+ worth of productions, having edited and pieced together 1000+ corporate videos, documentaries, web films and more, we kind of have the hang of it. We have the flexibility to accommodate multiple projects and tight deadlines, so use our post production Brisbane services to boost your brand!

By the end of editing and post production, we want a beautiful finished product that can be shared and enjoyed, be it on TV, digital media or social platforms. A polished and professional finished product speaks volumes about your company and the way it is presented.

Creativity and Technique

Combining years of experience with the skills and technique needed for great finished productions, our team has the creativity and ability to think outside the box. We are here to help you make a statement for your company and your brand and get noticed in your key market.

We work with you to create the ideal video product, whether it be for your company, for a single product or service or a feature video, we love making you exceptional!

Clients Love What We Do!

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Working with Your Brand

The team at Ipermedia keep in contact with you every step of the way. If during the production process the tone of the video needs to be changed or redirected, we are only too happy to bring in appropriate elements to ensure the final product will be on brand and deliver the message required.

Creating outstanding video is what we do best. With our experience, you’ll find that finished product is something that people will remember, act upon and want to share with their friends.

Video Post Production

Post production is the final stage in the video production process and adds that polish and shine to gain attention and deliver that wow factor.

This process creates a beautiful finished product that can be shared and enjoyed, be it on TV, digital media or social platforms. A polished and professional finished product speaks volumes about your company and the way it is presented.

High Quality Corporate Video

All the videos we produce are edited in house by our award winning artists. Using the latest hardware and software we take the raw video and add sound effects, music, foley, animation and special effects to produce the final product.

To ensure you get a quality product, our team are experts in the finer details. We clean up video, enhance the visuals and add style, making your company and your brand stand out!

videos that engage

Videos that Engage

Whether your video is for TV commercials, a documentary, a youtube production, or on your company website, you need something that captures people’s attention and helps them to decide to do more with your brand.

Your aim may be focused more on branding awareness, product sales, or customer retention and loyalty. All of these areas require a specific marketing direction and we can help you achieve the desired outcome.

Our Brisbane video production team is able to get the most for your corporate video and create your company story, with video that not only looks great, but also achieves your business goals. The final product needs to be attractive and be effective at storytelling. A video that engages and interests people, one that makes an impact and is remembered, and one that shows your business in the best light possible.

Post Production Services

As the final stage of video production, many things can be done to enhance the overall quality and appeal of your video footage when entering post production. Our goal is to do everything possible to improve the look and feel of the video, reinforcing your brand name, service or product.

Our basic post production service includes:

While editing software is freely available to purchase or download online today, it still takes the necessary experience and talent to effectively edit raw footage, knowing what to keep and what to cut.

Our video editing Brisbane specialists know how to edit scenes together for a coherent, flowing narrative that really pushes your brand objectives. They will remove redundancy and know what essential footage to keep, manipulating it to best highlight your corporate message and strategy.

With experts in motion design ready to enrich your footage with specialised motion graphic techniques, post production is the perfect time to cement the ‘wow’ factor in your corporate video.

We can create custom, eye-catching headings and graphics that work with your brand, presenting a professional image to your targeted audience. Our editors are more than just technically proficient; they also have a strong creative eye, producing motion graphics that creatively fit the theme and style of your current video.

It can take a lifetime to properly understand film and video compositing, and how its principles of colour, light and movement blend together to create something new. Thankfully, the skilled post production staff at Ipermedia have mastered compositing in their lifetime, being able to offer their expertise to your video production.

Whether your footage uses a green screen, composited backgrounds in a set or computer generated imagery (CGI), we have the software, skill and technology to blend everything together into a visual masterpiece.

From a simple logo animation all the way through to animated infographics, we have the capacity to create a full animation video or just include it in the final touches. With experience in 2D, 2.5D and 3D animation, Ipermedia has industry pros that will make your video flow and have a smooth finish, no matter the animation you require.

We understand your needs and will create high-level corporate animations to tie in perfectly with the final product, bringing extra life and shine to your video. Today’s digital technologies allow for a greater depth and range of possibilities, we can create whole new worlds for people to experience and enjoy.

Often known as abbreviation VFX, these are software generated imagery that are created for shots within a film or video. VFX are often under scrutiny if they don’t look realistic, bringing the audience out of their engagement and giving off an amateur appearance.

This is why it’s so important that you hire VFX experts who can get it right, providing special effects that look natural and authentic to the scene.

We take control of the colour of the footage and do a complete edit where needed to correct and improve the contrast, brightness and saturation.

The technique of colour grading is less about correction these days and more about improving the footage. You can be sure we will accomplish the perfect colour and lighting balance for your project that enhances the chosen mood and atmosphere for your business.


Our editing team handles everything during your video’s post production phase, including audio, voice and sound. Having excellent visuals means little if the audio quality doesn’t match, which is why we put a large emphasis on getting it right, so your product or service is communicated clearly and can be heard.

We have the professional software and knowledge to get the best out of your production’s audio. If adjusting volume levels are needed, we can test and evaluate different audio setups to make certain we get the right fit for your message.

Finalising your corporate video, so it’s compatible with a broad range of formats and devices suited to your audience is something we take care of at Ipermedia. Regardless if you’re production is made for the web or you need Blu-Ray/DVD authoring and duplication, we ensure a professional finish allowing your video to be easily accessible for whatever format or medium.

Our Video Post Production Programs

The post production team at Ipermedia are specialists using a variety of professional editor software to achieve amazing results. You can be sure our editors have mastered the necessary programs to get the most out of your video’s post production.

The following are just some of the software programs Ipermedia are proficient with:

A timeline-based video editing program, used by real professionals in the editing industry. Adobe Premiere offers levels of advanced editing for projects, which is why it has been used to edit feature films such as Gone Girl and Monsters.

Being a part of the Adobe software family, Premiere Pro integrates smoothly and efficiently with other Adobe programs like Photoshop, so we can maximise productivity for your cooperate video.

A non-linear video editing program, Final Cut Pro is widely used in the industry as a popular choice for non-destructive edits.

Used for 3D modelling and animation, Cinema 4D is an animators dream program, offering a wide range of features built for modelling, animating, lighting, texturing and rendering.

A high-end post production colour grading program, BlackMagic DaVinci Resolve is used to ensure brightness, contrast and saturation are perfect for each scene in your video.

The professional digital audio workstation of choice, Pro Tools allows us to edit, mix and sweeten audio and sound throughout your video.