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Pre-production services

From concept development, to script writing, storyboarding, location scouting to casting. We will guide you through the pre-production process.


Video production

The core of Ipermedia’s services, we produce film and video for TV, commercials, corporate videos, websites, documentaries, music videos and more. Our video production services include a Producer, Director, Cinematographer, crew and all gear.


Post-production services

Completing the circle, we provide editing and finishing for all videos we produce. Our award winning editors combine the latest hardware and software, to create your story.


Motion design

We don’t just edit. We have a team of motion designers that can bring the “niiiice” to your production. From custom designed motion titles, to animated infographics, and cinema colour grades, our motion designers take our projects to the ‘next level’.



Ipermedia offers 2d, 2.5d and 3d animation. Whether you are interested a character based style, motion graphics, stop motion or anything in between, with have illustrators, animators and designers that provide high level corporate animation.


Time lapse photography

We provide time lapse photography solutions for construction & mining projects, marketing and promotional films and more. Our time lapse system is fully independent – utilising 3G connectivity and solar power.

Want to know more? Get in touch with the Brisbane Video Production team at hello@ipermedia.com.au or on +61 7 3806 0489.

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I had a great experience working with the Ipermedia team. The quality of their work was fantastic, the service and follow-up spot on and they even did a little bit of extra work for me at no extra cost.

Mark Bunn, Health Advantage Australia

We loved the outcome!! Thank you so much for helping pull this one together. The guys were awesome to work with and we really feel like the results are exactly what we were looking for.

Cordelia Smiley, Red Candy

In a nutshell the video presentation was perfect. Comments ranged from moving to powerful. Right after I sat down, we had a company come right up and start talking business - which we secured.

Sandor Harris

The videos Ipermedia make for us set us apart. We are positioning ourselves further ahead of our competition, and the videos IM have created for us play a HUGE part in that.

Hazen Rota, STG

The result exceeded expectations and Ipermedia's understanding of the target audience was obvious.

Bob Chamberlain, CSIRO

The quality of Ipermedia's work is 110% - I got more options than I expected. I learned from you - you are experts in your field.

Graham Innis, Pfizer

Ipermedia set a very high standard. They guarantee the quality of their work and in our opinion this work is excellent.

Steve Ashfield, Foxstone Education

Ipermedia have provided post-production and delivered high quality final products. We can highly recommend them for any film and video requirements

Trish Radge, The Chartist

The true value we've found working with Ipermedia is that they are creative enough to come up with killer ideas, and technical enough to execute them flawlessly

Wayne Striplin, Strategix Training Group

Video Production Services Brisbane

The great videos are the ones that have been carefully thought out, with proper preparation during the pre-production process. It’s so important to a videos success, with an effective pre-production process eliminating potential issues and problems from occurring later down the track. Ipermedia offers a full range of services to assist during this crucial planning stage.

Video Production Experts

When dealing with Ipermedia, you get true professionals who will guide you through every step of the pre-production process. From script writing, storyboarding, location scouting to casting, we understand just how significant these procedures are in guaranteeing a smooth, efficient video. This is why you should trust as your Brisbane video production specialists.

Pre-production is critical to the overall quality of your corporate video. Regardless of the type or theme you are aiming to achieve; the steps involved in pre-production will help with framing your core ideas and message. Being the video production Brisbane studio with decades of accumulated industry experience, we understand these processes and just how essential they are for a successful project.

Our professional team will listen to your initial ideas and work with you directly, crafting a winning concept that uniquely positions your brand and business. We will recommend the best methodologies that fit your requirements, brainstorming and fleshing out ideas that work for you. This is your video, the video that will represent your business, and we want you to be fully satisfied with the look, feel and direction the project is headed in.

Ipermedia has talented and creative script writers on hand, so whether you need assistance in developing a small story or a full blown narrative, we have you completely covered. You will have full access to make script edits yourself and be kept in the loop during the entire process. From there, we will storyboard and expand out your concept, breaking down each scene so we a fully ready and prepared when entering production.

Finally, we will look at casting appropriate talent which matches your corporate video. We have extensive partnerships with leading talent agencies, giving us a large resource pool to secure the perfect casting for your production.

The core of Ipermedia’s services, video production is where your concept and message start coming to life. We only work with industry experts that have real world experience, so you can be assured you are getting a team of professionals that have previously delivered successful results to clients.

When you choose Ipermedia as your Brisbane video production company, you are securing some of best industry talent available for your project. Our video production services include providing you direct access to your very own producer, director, cinematographer, crew and all necessary gear.

They will handle the main tasks, ensuring that every shot capture on film is true to your original vision. By using state of the art technology and with the expertise our team have, each scene will be of a consistent high quality. You won’t get some footage that looks great, with other footage looking sub-par when dealing with Ipermedia; our strict quality control ensures we maintain a high standard throughout the entire shoot.

With all the organising and hiring handled for you, we make the video production process as smooth and as hassle-free as possible. This includes sourcing the sound at the location and utilising lighting at its full effect to create the ideal atmosphere for your work. We want you to sit back and be totally confident as we go about crafting an original, creative production for your business.

Ipermedia and our team have the knowledge and familiarity to produce all styles and formats of video. Whether it be film and video for TV, such as a commercial, a corporate video for websites, or even something a little more uncommon like a music clip or documentary, the choices are endless with Ipermedia.

With animators and graphic designers on hand, we can use modern animation techniques to further enhance your video. We want you to have as many options as possible in visually presenting your video production, achieving what you feel is the best way to expose your branding to the market.

Our utmost goal at Ipermedia is to make certain your video production moves along professionally, efficiently and most of all, accomplishes your desired outcome.

Completing the circle, we provide full editing services for all videos we produce. Our award winning editors combine the latest hardware and software to create the final touches to your story. Post-production is the last but critical stage, in creating your Brisbane video production and giving it that wow factor.

We take the raw footage and put together the scenes, making sure your production hits all the right notes that will promote your business, brand and corporate message. It’s where we add the final layers of polish and tidy up effects leading to a consistent, high quality video that genuinely stands out for all the right reasons.

Even before we start rolling the camera, our editors are involved during the pre-production process, collaborating with you and the production crew advance of filming.

This allows them to spend time researching the music and sounds, the colour grade and other intricacies that will best fit your edit. It’s a process they will continue in throughout production as well, so they are fully prepared when taking your footage into the editing room.

Once our editors get their hands on the footage, they can work their magic. They use a range of leading software to perform the final finishing on each shot that includes colour mixing, audio sweetening, encoding and broadcast deliverables if required. We work productively and efficiently that allows for our editors to accommodate multiple projects with tight deadlines.

However, you can rely on our editing team to still be the experts in the finer details. When you truly need your brand and corporate identity highlighted in an overcrowded market, secure the editing team at Ipermedia to produce the best results during post production.

When you require eye-catching design and aesthetics, incorporating motion design into your video production can be a very effective decision. We do more than just edit, with a team of motion designers who can bring creative, stunning graphical applications to your production.

Our motion designers have the expertise and knowledge to take your project to the ‘next level’. A custom designed motion title or heading, and other graphical enhancements made through the techniques of motion design can have a massive impact on the overall appeal of your video. It can often be what separates a corporate video production from looking amateurish, compared to being seen as professional.

It’s important to leave a lasting impression with your target audience groups, so your business and brand are left in their minds long after the presentation is viewed. Motion graphics is just one way Ipermedia can accomplish this task.

When people initially view your video, we want them to be mesmerised. Their first reaction being to stop what they are doing, and really pay attention to the footage, wanting to learn more about the business presented in front of them.

Ipermedia offers 2D, 2.5D and 3D animation. Whether you are interested a character-based style, motion graphics, stop motion or anything in between, with have illustrators, animators and designers that provide high-level corporate animation.

Similar to motion design, quality animation is just another way to showcase your business in a different light. Creatively, our animation crew can explore ideas with you to see how we can offer something new to your video production.

We think outside the box, which is why Ipermedia is the leader in creating unique branding opportunities, other studios miss.

It may also be an interesting concept to combine animation with live action material or other effects. There are many choices available, and you can be certain we will provide a broad range of options that maximum your corporate brand.

Even if the workload increases as the production goes on, Ipermedia can grow your team to meet whatever the requirements. The partnerships we have in place, ensure we can bring in the best animators, illustrators and designers at a moment’s notice.

We provide time lapse photography solutions for construction and mining projects, marketing and promotional films and more. Time Lapse photography is when sequential images are captured over a period, and then consolidated into film and video.

This means you can see something that would normally take hours, over a course of minutes. With this technique, a range of intriguing, visually attention-grabbing scenes are open up for your business.

Our time lapse system is fully independent, utilising 3G connectivity and solar power. This allows us to set up in just about any scenario or location and apply time lapse photography for many different applications. We also have the equipment and technology that makes sure we get the best results and exposure when applying Time lapse photography for your project.

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