Joel Smith

Joel Smith

Motion Designer

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Travis Hunt

Travis Hunt

Producer / Director

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  • Paul Lewis says:

    What else can I say………


    As foster carers and committee members for Paws n Hooves, a small not for profit animal rescue group in Western Sydney, sadly my wife and I have (too much) exposure to this dreaded and pathetic virus for several years.

    To help spread the word and in trying to help develop some public awareness of the virus, I also created a few years ago.

    It has also been a dream of mine for a long time to have a commercial such as this produced and circulated on a national basis hoping that it could be aired as a community service.

    Obviously, funding has been a major problem in having “my dream” come to fruition although I have been offered the services of several people including a vet that is also involved (on and off) in Sydney media circles and also a camera operator in Sydney has offered his services (with the full support of his employer as well).

    I have also been fortunate in having some (limited) funding donated for the project.
    The hurdle that I have at the moment is trying to find a well known and well respected celebrity that would be willing to donate their services and appear in the commercial as I feel this would help, not only in “selling” the commercial to television networks but, more importantly, I feel that a well known personality would also have a better chance of selling the message to animal owners.

    Just for my own interest and curiosity, it would be appreciated if you could let me know how much your ad did cost to produce.

    I would also like to ask for your permission in using your ad as a sample to help me in showcasing or demonstrating what I am trying to do myself.

    With you permission and support, I would also appreciate the opportunity to upload the commercial to Facebook etc.

    It goes without saying of course that I would be more than happy for you to supply me with a “watermarked” version of the commercial so that any credit for your work does go to the correct people.

    In closing I would like to offer you my sincere Congratulations and thanks for such a great job and I do look forward to haering back from you soon.

    Kindest Regards

    Paul Lewis
    Paws n Hooves Animal Recue
    Phone: 0407 788 228

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