Bringing Life and Depth to Your Videos

Creating the Wow Factor in Corporate Video

Animation in corporate videos can give a new life and a depth to the video that may not be possible through traditional live motion video production.

With years of experience in the field, our professional Brisbane video production team are adept at adding in the smoothness and richness to any project we create, ensuring you get a video that will answer your requirements and help your business move forward. The impact our videos leave with your audience increase consumer awareness, help brand loyalty and create purchasing opportunities.

From explainer videos to full commercial television productions, and even documentaries we understand your business needs and will wow the people who see your video.

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Videos That Communicate

Video is a great way to connect to your audience, you have the opportunity to develop your ideas deeply and portray them in a rich way while taking just a short amount of the viewer’s time.
Your product or service may require in depth explanation to get the message across, and simplifying it into a video may get your message delivered more succinctly, in a way that’s easier for your intended audience to remember.

Imagine if your message was something that told your corporate story in a way that your audience wanted to share with their friends and family, how simple this becomes with the medium of video.

You can create new worlds, new characters or a simple motion effect, that can make all the difference in how a video is perceived.

Animation Services

Our great range animation services include:

  • 2d Animation
  • 5d Animation
  • 3d Animation
  • Character design
  • Animated logos and branding
  • Animated infographics
  • Motion Graphics
  • Stop motion
  • Time Lapse
  • And much more!

Animated Logos, Branding and Infographics

Incorporating data in a visually pleasing format can make all the difference to how it is perceived and retained, here you can see animation at its simplest and best for Ceva Logistics. We created a representation of a brand that services the world, with information about connectivity and logistics in a format that makes sense to the audience.

When your product or service is abstract or unusual, using animation to deliver the message can be the perfect alternative to ensure everything you want to say comes across to the viewer in an easily digestible and retain able format. Making your brand be remembered!

Here at Ipermedia we have the ability to take your ideas and bring them to life in ways that make your stand out above your competitors, and help loyalty by keeping customers coming back to your brand.

2d, 2.5d and 3d Animation

Standard 2d animation includes traditional illustration methods with cartoon style animation layered over backgrounds as well as computer animated vector graphics. Often combined with stop motion this style is used to create a seamless and interesting videos.

Pseudo 3d is the 2.5d animation method of layered animations, where the background and the foreground can move independently to create a feeling of motion without the full depth of 3d. This method was often used in video games from the early 80’s (do you remember Moon Patrol?), and can be very effective for logos and branding.

3d animation is often referred to as CGI or computer generated imagery as the modelling and rendering of the animation is completed on a computer system. With 3d animation, it’s possible to create a whole new universe, create unique characters or bring a flat uninteresting piece of data to life and jump out of the screen.

See how we brought the Polaris HD wireless communication hub to life with 3d animation. Working with you to make your brand amazing, you’ll find our award winning Brisbane video production team create beautiful corporate video, for any product or service you want to highlight.

Stop Motion and Time Lapse

Say you have a service that takes time to deliver, or a product that needs time to be produced, portraying what is involved in an easy to digest format can be done successfully through the use of stop motion and time lapse photography.

Beautifully suited to construction and mining projects, marketing and promotional films our expertise turns raw video into something amazing.

You can use these methods as a part of your video, or for the full video production, Janda Furniture used a combination of both to create a quick company overview that was both quirky, yet refined. Talk to the team about the best methods for advertising your brand.