A little bit about me

Travis has directed and produced over 1000 video projects over the last 10 years. With senior level experience in video planning, organisation, production and post-production. Travis is responsible for taking client projects from initial concepts through to finished complete productions. Having produced corporate videos, TVC’s, promos, documentaries for such brands as Exxon Mobil, Suncorp Insurance, RACQ, CSIRO, BHP Billiton and many more.

Next to his producing / directing, Travis has a strong background in cinematography and post-production, which allows him to successfully guide projects from start to finish. Travis started his degree in Screen Production Griffith University QCA. He then completed his Master’s in Digital Design while working in the industry.

Why I love what I do

It’s a great time to be involved in video production. With advances in technology, we can bring cinematic images to the screen with readily available gear, in way that hasn’t been possible at any other time in TV history.

I love each phase of the video production process. I love the logistical chess game that can come with pre-production. I love the challenge of transferring real emotion to the screen that comes with directing. I love capturing the beauty of life and light that comes with cinematography, and a love the the puzzle-piecing and storytelling involved in post production and editing.

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Go Trav, go.

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