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A little bit about me

Liana is an avid producer and animator who has worked on a variety of productions for over 4 years. Together with her extensive experience in business management and marketing, she has the skills to take a project from dream to realisation working alongside the client every step of the way. With her enthusiasm and positive attitude, Liana embraces new challenges and works with the Ipermedia team to ensure exceptional quality of all productions.

Liana has a Bachelor Degree of Animation from Griffith University QCA and is currently completing a Diploma of Graphic Design at CATC Design School.

Why I love what I do

I absolutely love collaborating with clients to make their vision a reality. Video and animation are such powerful tools for communication and it is so rewarding to be involved in the creative process of developing these visual experiences.

I also appreciate the opportunity to research and learn so much with every new project. We have all kinds of ideas, brands and businesses that walk through the door which keeps my curiosity alive.

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