Eating cookies

A little bit about me

Esteban Rivera is a young cinematographer and videographer from Colombia. He began his filmmaking career at the Lacordaire School of Cali in 2005 and moved to Australia in 2007 to continue his studies at the Griffith Film School in Brisbane, Australia.

His love of imagery started when he was asked to work as a host for “Paso a Paso” a popular kids TV show in Colombia for the Channel 13 Network. Despite working for only a few episodes, he continued to get involved in film and video productions. His passion for the film has allowed him to work in a wide range of roles within the industry. His experience in the lighting and camera department has given him right skills to stand out from others. At his young age Esteban has already shot high quality commercials that have aired on National TV as well as worked on Australian feature films such as Charlie’s Farm and Eight.

His lucky charms have given him the opportunity to work alongside award-winning, AIPP accredited photographer and cinematographer, Sean Paul Moss and highly recognized Cinematographers like Mark Wareham ACS, Steven Isaac ACS and many others

Why I love what I do

It is just one of those things that you simply love!  like cookies…

Whether it is a commercial, a corporate video or a film, I think I’m addicted to the emotions you can create through the lighting and composition (just like a painting)…  It’s like playing with play-dough but with cameras and people. I like to see the viewers reactions and hear what they think about my work and that’s a good feeling.


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