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A little bit about me

I’ve been creating motion graphics and animation for broadcast ads and corporate promos for over 5 years. I graduated from De Montfort University, UK with a First Class Honors BSc degree in Media Production way, way back in 2007 and I’ve been sharpening my creative arsenal ever since.

Armed with a clean design style, Cinema 4D, After Effects and Final Cut Pro, I bring the “niiiiice” to Ipermedia projects.

Why I love what I do

Motion design brings that extra level of engagement. Good motion design, when backed up by high level design values, a fair amount of planning, forethought and research, can make an average video production, ‘special’. The other thing I love, is the ‘wow’ moment we get from clients when they first see the motion design elements on their project. I enjoy their recognition of of a result that is truly first class.

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Absolutely Brilliant! Our CEO loves it…Solid Gold!