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Video Production

Ipermedia is one of Brisbane’s most awarded video production houses. We take corporate video to the next level.

Motion Design

From TV commercials to advanced compositing to 2d and 3d titling. Our motion designers are the best in town.


Using a full range of 2d and 3d animation, including explainers, character animation, TVC’s and more.


Our Pre-Production services include concept, design, scripts, storyboards, casting, location scouting, budgets, and schedules.


The latest equipment and software is cool, but it’s our award winning editors that turn good videos into great ones.

Time lapse photography

Our time lapse photography solutions are fully independent – utilising 3G connectivity and solar power.

Why Ipermedia?

Hiring the Right Company will ultimately determine the success of your next video project or interactive campaign. At Ipermedia we pride ourselves on our professionalism, and we are dedicated to maintaining both a high quality of work and client satisfaction.

Working with the best

Cliche’ as it sounds. The reason our clients keep coming back, month after month, year after year, is the “Ipermedia Experience” (or so we’ve coined it). At the risk of sounding arrogant, time and experience tell us that we’re providing a better production experience, and a higher quality outcome than our competitors. BUT… we leave the ego on our “about us” page. Our staff are leaders in their roles. Award winning directors, DOP’s, editors, motion designers and more, but they’re NICE too. Being nice a prerequisite 🙂

Project availability

We’re busy, but we’re available. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but maybe next week? Or the week after? Best bet would be to contact us. Whether you are based in Brisbane or around the world, we can work with you. Let’s talk about your project.

Travis Hunt

Producer / Director / Cinematographer

Esteban Rivera

Producer / Cinematographer

Sen Wong

Creative & Art Director / Producer

Liana Beukes

Production Manager

Rochelle Jaye

Client Services

Adam Kelly

Motion Designer

We loved the outcome!! Thank you so much for helping pull this one together. The guys were awesome to work with and we really feel like the results are exactly what we were looking for.

Cordelia Smiley, Red Candy

The result exceeded expectations and Ipermedia's understanding of the target audience was obvious.

Bob Chamberlain, CSIRO

The videos Ipermedia make for us set us apart. We are positioning ourselves further ahead of our competition, and the videos IM have created for us play a HUGE part in that.

Hazen Rota, STG

Brisbane Video Production

When you work with iPermedia, you are choosing a partner for your brand, so your company can have its message delivered in a highly consumable manner for the marketplace. We are experts in all things video production and have a wide range of film techniques to pick, choose, mix and match from from traditional corporate video production methods using real actors and locations, through to high end motion graphics and animation, and time lapse photography. The sky is the limit with Ipermedia!

Take a look at our video production procedure to find out how exactly we will go about bringing your corporate video production from idea inception to full-completion. Below is some information on our methods of video production.

Engaging us to craft a corporate video for your business we will pour our energies into understanding exactly what you would like to get across to your audience and tailoring the video appropriately so it hits all the right notes and attracts your target market. To do this we will meet with you to discuss concept ideas, budget and clarify any options.  At pre-production stage the creative directors will begin drafting scripts and storyboards keeping in mind the tone, message, style, sound and visuals you wish to convey. We will present you with the script and storyboards so you have the final say before the filming is greenlighted.

When filming is complete, the editor will get to work arranging your corporate video into a cohesive, film clip, with emotive tones being set through appropriate music. Our editors have a wealth of experience in making the best use of editing techniques so you can rest assured your corporate video will pop!

Pre-production is the planning stage for your video in which we draw up our roadmap for how we will tackle the filming process. We believe strongly in forethought and will plan each stage of your video, by giving due attention to the pre-production stage you can rest assured your corporate video will be excellent.

Our Pre-Production services include concept, design, scripts, storyboards, casting, location scouting, budgets, and schedules. With our experience and our knowledge we ensure your corporate video production is fully-prepared for filming before the cameras roll so that everything goes off without a hitch, your budget is adhered to and the video is completed to schedule.

Using motion design in your corporate video production can truly set it apart from your competitors. Motion graphics are a highly-adaptable filmmaking technique which can be customised perfectly to suit your business video production needs. From TV commercials with advanced compositing techniques, or simple 2d and 3d titling in an online video, our motion designers are the best in town.

Whether you would like your corporate film shot entirely using animation, or if you would just like to add a sprinkle of motion graphics to make certain elements really stand out and shine, we can do it all here at Ipermedia. Motion graphics can be highly beneficial for delivering messages with complex business ideas and brand messages with more impact and greater effect than using traditional video production techniques.

Take a look at some of the motion graphic corporate videos we have produced on behalf of Australian businesses and institutes: Visit Logan, Janda Introduction and RACQ Free2Go.

Animation is a great option for businesses which are looking for something different, that is catchy and attention grabbing and leaves a long lasting impact on the viewer. Here at Ipermedia we produce animated corporate videos which look just as sleek and shiny as their traditional business video production counterparts.

We can craft sleek, professional and original animated graphic business videos to really get your audience hooked. Animated corporate videos are wonderfully flexible and can come be indispensable for virtually any type of business. If you need to shoot a training video, a detailed product shoot, or explain an abstract concept, animation is a great way to capture your audiences attention quickly and keep it glued.

Take a look at some of our animated corporate videos we have produced for clients: MaxgamingNSW Department of Education & Communities and Attendly 

Our time lapse photography solutions are fully independent – utilising 3G connectivity and solar power. Time lapse photography is a technique in which film frames are captured at a lower frequency than the speed at which the sequence is viewed.

This technique is useful when you want to show a lot of activity in a short interesting burst,  as when you view a time lapse photography video you will see everything moving faster and as a result, time will appear to move quicker as well. Please see the intro of our You Tube corporate video clip for In 2 Green for an example of time lapse photography use in film.

Editing is much more than the icing on the cake, it is the culmination of all the video production elements coming together in harmony. This is where the mood and your business message is instilled and finalised into your corporate video.

Through emotive music, addition of sound effects, voice overs, filters and more, our team of experienced editors will bring to your corporate video production its final polish, ready for distribution to your intended audience. The editor has an eagle eye for detail and will perfect your corporate video masterpiece.

While we base our video production facilities in Brisbane, our range of services mean we can work with you, anywhere you are located around the world.

We have brought our professional team on location to various locations throughout the states of Australia as well as Papua New Guinea, and our videos can also be created with information provided through meetings online or over the phone. No matter what your requirements are we have the capacity to work with you and create attention grabbing video.

Our Brisbane based team of video production experts are able to answer any questions you may have about using video to reach your intended target audience with great success. We have the knowledge and experience to market and present your brand in appropriate places with engaging and interesting film. See the range and quality of video we create at our portfolio, and feel free to contact us with your questions or for a quote to get the ball rolling on your corporate video.