2D and 3D Animation

Stunning visuals to tell your story in a fresh way

Any production company can provide you with the essentials: lights, cameras, and a live-action video. What helps separate us from the rest is our ability to provide any style of video. We know that live actors might not be the best approach for every project. Each demographic is different and needs a different strategy. For example, if your target market is a young child, you’re going to want a lot of vibrancy and colour. Not so much when selling funeral services. That’s why we employ a team of skilled animators, to give us that edge in the market place, which in turn, gives you the edge.

2D animation is the classic hand rendered drawing style that we’re all familiar with, but this is far from boring. Our artists create stunning visuals that are rich with layers, textures and pleasing to the eye. This is far from pencil and paper. Everything is created with computer software, so even though you get that classic look and feel, we step it up to a whole new level with the power of technology.

3D animation – or CGI – has surged in the last decade with companies like Pixar and Dreamworks leading the charge. It seems like every day a new standard is set for 3D animation and it becomes increasingly more beautiful and more lifelike. 3D animators are able to design a world with characters that appear to be living and breathing. This allows us to expand what we deem is possible in videos – such as a trip to Mars – without breaking the budget.

Our team of animators is sure to impress. They are a big reason why we are regarded as the best video production company Brisbane has to offer. No two videos are the same because we are able to provide such versatile talents. If you come to us with any concept, in any style, in any genre, we are able to provide you something you are sure to love, and the vast experience to make the production run smoothly, no matter what your creative ambitions.